The Little Shops at Niwot: SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL!

The Little Shops At Niwot is a shared retail space concept focused on supporting new and existing small businesses that want to grow with low risk and strong community support. After a strong first season as as The Little Holiday Shops at Niwot, we are delighted to announce the upcoming March 2nd, 2021 (re)opening of the Little Shops at Niwot in our new, year-round space in Cottonwood Square, unit D15, right next to Winot Coffee.

The Little Shops at Niwot will stimulate our local community by seeding our town with locally formed new businesses.  We offer an eclectic mix of products across 20+ spaces, depending on the responses we receive, and hope you'll blow our minds with your unique offerings. We want small business to flourish and believe this is the evolution of the economy--retail spaces that significantly reduce risk for those selling their products and creations by uniting as a collective and sharing resources. We will offer Little Shop owners an array of business resources, from shared services to business acumen workshops, including pricing strategy, business plans, market analysis and more. We are committed to helping our micro-business owners succeed by sharing best practices and serving as a sounding board and thought partner when a roadblock arises.

Little Shops owner Leigh Suskin spent most of her career at CEB, now Gartner, a best practices and benchmarking consultancy. She received her MBA from George Washington University in 2000. In 2018, Leigh became Owner/Agent of Farmers Insurance in Niwot and is pursuing her PhD in East West Psychology through the California Institute of Integral Studies. Leigh is an art and maker-appreciator, and is most passionate about community-building and bringing talented small business owners together to increase revenue, knowledge and impact.

​We invite you to take our interest survey as we are very excited to have you join us at The Little Shops at Niwot. Space is limited and time is of the essence. Questions? Contact Leigh at